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Here at Grizzly Media, we believe that it is crucial to have stunning photos to help our clients showcase their finished projects. When you only have a few simple pages or pixels to showcase your work and who you are, each photo being used is just as important as the next. And our goal is to help you tell the story behind every project, moment, or person. You spent countless hours dreaming, designing, and creating. Grizzly Media is here to help you show it off to the world. 

Grizzly Media is owned and operated by Nic Rentfrow and his lovely wife Ashlyn. Nic was born, raised, and is now working from Fort Collins, CO. He grew up exploring and riding his bike all over the local mountains and plains of northern Colorado. He finds himself most at home traipsing through the snow, driving his pick-up over mountain passes, and looking for new locations to take photos. Nic’s goal as a photographer is to bring glory to Christ through every story he tells.

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