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Here at Grizzly Media, we pride ourselves in being different than the competition.

So what makes Grizzly Media different?

Grizzly Media is FAA certified and insured. This means that when you hire Grizzly Media, we understand the laws and restrictions surrounding drone operations. This allows you to focus on your idea while we take care of the rest and help keep you protected from the many confusing and constantly changing drone laws.

Here at Grizzly Media, our pilot has over 5,000 hours of real life flight experience with drones and model aircraft of all types. What this means is that you aren't just hiring someone who has a drone, but you are also hiring someone who knows how to put the drone just where you want it. 

Aerial Showreel

Aerial Showreel

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We all have that friend that just got a drone and he says he can do all the drone work you need for dirt cheap. He's got 3 flights on that bad boy and is confident he can get you the shot of a lifetime. You take him up on his offer and go out to capture the footage you need. A couple days later he sends you the footage. You open up the footage and it is jerky, unnatural, and boring.

Don't settle for jerky, unnatural footage.